Frequently Asked Questions

Does the whole Care Annex get delivered ready built and finished?

Yes – we build the annex off-site in controlled factory conditions, lift it onto a lorry and deliver it to site ready finished reducing disturbance and extended periods of building work at your home.  This is subject to a survey.

Does it require foundations?

Subject to the ground conditions, typically the Care Annex does not require traditional trench foundations which are invasive and costly.  A lightweight shallow concrete pad or adjustable pads can support its weight.  And if the Care Annex is ever removed – there are no ugly foundations left in the ground.

Does the Care Annex require planning permission?

 Any structure which delivers a residential use usually planning, however, following extensive discussions with a selection of local authorities, there is a presumption in favour of consent as each local authority throughout the UK accepts and recognises that more ‘care accommodation’ is required for an aging population and more of this needs to be delivered at ‘home’.  Our experience can assist you with this process.

My loved one is still mobile and independent, but I want to plan for their future

This is our wish, to design care accommodation which meets both your current and anticipated care requirements.  The layout of the annex allows uninterrupted wheelchair access throughout the bedroom and wet room.  The factory-installed hoist track allows the easy installation of a mobility hoist if your loved ones’ care plan changed in the future.  Options can also include CCTV, audio, and care call systems so they can keep in touch with family members whilst retaining some dignity and independent living.

Can I choose the external colour and interior decoration?

Absolutely.  Subject to any particular planning requirements, clients can choose from a range of exterior finishes including brick effect, coloured concrete render, wood, composite (large range of colour options). The example picture shown is one option of a composite colour scheme. 

What is the approximate cost?

Subject to the final size, layout, and specification, our prices start at around £65,000 pus VAT.  It is important to remember, that the Care Annex is not, with respect, a garden shed, it is a highly engineered ‘little house’ which meets full Building Control approval and exceeds current insulation values.

How does it connect to utilities?

The Care Annex requires an electrical source from the house, water, and drainage.  If access to mains drainage is not available, in common with many residential properties in the country, it can be connected to a septic tank or similar off-grid solution 

Can I choose windows and doors?

Yes, we can assist you with a huge variety of options to meet your needs

If the family ever relocated, could we take the Care Annex with us to a new property?

Yes, you can. When families are faced with the unfortunate dilemma over care, traditionally, they have spent many tens of thousands of pounds on converting their existing home or building a new ‘granny annex’ onto their home.  If they ever need to move home the reinstatement of the dwelling is a lost investment.  However, the Care Annex can simply be disconnected from services and lifted back onto a lorry and relocated to a new location, future-proofing it for several generations.  This option is far cheaper than starting again! 

Can it be joined directly to an existing home?

Yes, subject to survey and you can also join multiple annexes together to form a row with a communal corridor outside. This is certainly popular with independent care homes, to extend the living accommodation.


Granny Annexes, Care and Disabled Annexes

All the Care Annex Company’s products are fast build and delivered finished and fully fitted direct to your site

Care Annex / Granny Annex/ Disabled Annex

  • Fully accessible bathroom 
  • Easy clean wall boards
  • Built off site and craned in – just in time delivery
  • Strong galvanised steel frame, highly insulated
  • Fitted with track for hoist as part of the initial fit out
  • Flexible size, design and budget
  • Choice of interior finishes
  • Various colour options for external cladding
  • From £65k

Care Annex solutions for residential care

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