Care Annex Features


  • The annex is built from a strong galvanised steel frame which is covered in a zinc alloy which gives it a rust / corrosive protection and provides a strong frame with which can support a personal care hoist increasing mobility around the Care Annex and into the bathroom / wet room. Even if a hoist is not required immediately, we suggest the hoist channel is fitted during construction so if a care plan changes over time, a hoist can be easily fitted without major works.
  • The structural frame can support all cladding, insulation and façade details giving you lots of options in terms of colour and design.
  • The steel frame allows us to design a frame which is lighter than a wooden equivalent and offers the potential for it to be lifted over a house into a rear garden.
  • Typically, the steel frame is made from up to 40% recycled steel and does not lose its strength over time.
  • The cold formed steel frame can be supplemented with hot rolled steel sections to add further reinforcement so that it can then support much higher loadings – up to 454 kg (71st) for bariatric purposes.
  • The size and orientation of doors and windows can be changed within the design to suit your particular requirements.
  • Once the design is agreed, the steel frame typically arrives in 2 weeks and the finished Care Annex can be completed within 2-3 weeks after delivery.
  • Usually, the Care Annex does not require traditional foundations but we will undertake a survey to establish the ground conditions and location of mains services. If these are not available, options are available.
  • The Care Annex can be connected to an existing dwelling or made stand-alone if required.
  • Being modular, the Care Annex can be lifted into position ready built and relocated if required- its fully mobile.

Interior Fit-Out

  • Interiors can be designed around your needs and budget.
  • We can supply undecorated units if you wish to finish the décor off yourself.
  • If the annex is for a care use, advice on equipment is available from our partners – if you wish to specify particular equipment, we can incorporate that into the build.
  • Interiors can come with kitchens, spare bedrooms, lounge areas- you specify it, we can build it.
  • The Care Annex are already super insulated but additional heating and cooling systems can be incorporated whether including panel heaters, air conditioning and underfloor heating.
  • The Care Annex Company can design a range of lighting systems from conventional wall or ceiling lights to more sophisticated LED sky tiles that offer more intense lighting for those with visual impairment and night-time wash lights that give some limited overnight lighting. Control systems can also be customised to operate the curtains and blinds from your bedside.
  • The bathroom / wet room can be made fully accessible for wheelchair access and fitted with a range of equipment and décor to suit a wide range of requirements and budget. Easy clean walls or anti-microbial walls can be fitted where there is enhanced infection risk, sanitary ware can incorporate the latest raised WC’s with wash and dry facilities, dementia friendly showers with anti-scald thermostats, adjustable shower seats, adjustable portable shower chairs, baths with hoists, adjustable basins with sensor taps, reduce risk flooring- the options are extensive.
  • The Care Annex can be supplied with care beds, specialist care furniture and floor covering or left unfurnished – you decide what suits you best.
  • The Care Annex can also be supplied with a range of outside decking and porch options to maximise the opportunity for some ‘outdoor’ living space- enhancing the quality of environment for the occupier.

Our aim is to deliver you a personal service and deliver a design which best suits your needs and budget.

Delivery and Set Up

  • Modular building within factory conditions delivers superior build quality- every time.
  • The Care Annex is then delivered to site anywhere within the UK and can, subject to survey, be lifted into position by crane.
  • For the wider care sector, the Care Annex can be designed to accommodate a particular care condition such as bariatric representing a huge advantages in terms of costs, disruption and delivery time compared with undertaking very extensive works within existing buildings.
  • If the Care Annex ever needs to be relocated between sites, it can lifted back out and delivered to the new location saving the considerable costs of re-moving and re-fitting specialist equipment between buildings.


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